- A Treasure Hunting Game For Sioux Falls

List of Clues


Find The Tin Logo is a treasure hunting game of sorts. We've hidden a tin somewhere in Sioux Falls. If you find the tin, you get the treasure. Do you think you can be the first to find it? Find out more and sign up (it's free) at! Below you will find the list of clues that have been released so far. Make sure you sign up at Only those who have signed up are qualified to win the prize.

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List of Clues for Hunt #2

(Note: The tin is not hidden in an area that has been closed by the city.)


Clue #1

Where the tin was before, it is no more.

Now which direction is best? From where it was, go west.

Clue #2

If you made it to F 38, you went too far west.

Clue #3

Search all seven hundred seventy-one million, five hundred thirty-four thousand, seven hundred twenty square inches of this park, as well as everything north, and you will end up with zero results.

Clue #4

Clue #4 is a picture of the tin. Dimensions are about 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

Picture of the tin. Navy Blue with Dark Stripes.

Clue #5

A psychic told some fellow treasure hunters in McKennan Park he's predicting the tin will be found between six and nine o'clock.

Clue #6

Look in the land of the bubble blowing clam.

Clue #7

Western is Eastern.

Clue# 8

Cross and see #1, and you're on the wrong side.

Clue #9

Once again the psychic saw the same treasure hunters. This time in Bakker Park. They asked him if he's still predicting the tin will be found between six and nine o'clock, he said, " Of course not, now it will be found between twelve and three o'clock".

Clue #10

Go down the path by 3, and the tin you will not see.

Clue #11

Someone should let the frog know he's looking in the wrong direction.

Clue #12

Pluto is the furthest planet.

(Technically, Pluto isn't a planet anymore, but we're still going to call it one.)


Click here to watch an inspirational video.

(The video has nothing to do with the hunt, we just liked the video, and wanted to share it.)

Hunt #1

The clues below are for the last hunt that concluded on February, 6th 2012.

Clue #18

If a tree falls in the woods, and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Clue #17

X does not mark the spot. Neither does O. Move north from this area.

Clue #16

A Big Sioux up-rising does not concern us.

Clue #15


Clue #14

Go the way of the Dragon Slayer.

Clue #13

Look out for Snoopy's Bark.

Clue #12


Clue #11

Snoopy is very patriotic, as are many in his area of town.

Clue #10


Clue #9

Southeastern is Southeastern and Northeastern.

Clue #8


Clue #7

Though Snoopy is outside in the elements, he is protected to a degree.

Clue #6

10th is higher than the prize, yet from there you must move in an ascending direction.

Clue #5

Go West of Minnesota. Go East of Minnesota.

Clue #4:


Clue #3 is a picture and dimensions of the tin:

Picture of the Tin

Clue #2:

The Forty-Niners flocked west to California for gold. From Twenty Nine, flock East for tin.

Clue #1:

They say you have to go North to the Klondike if you want to find gold, but we're not looking for gold, tin is our precious metal.