The Silly Things Renters Do

All landlords have them.  Stories of the crazy things their tenants have done.  Two of my personal favorites are:

When the landlord arrived at his property he saw all the doors to his kitchen cabinets laying outside.  He thought to himself, “What the heck is this all about?”  When he went inside, he found chicken wire stapled to the face of his cabinets with all the doors missing.  The renter had made his cabinets into a chicken coop. 🙂

My 2nd favorite story is, a tenant in a lower unit was complaining that water was coming through his ceiling.  When the landlord entered the upstairs unit he found the reason.  The renter had made a garden on the living room floor and was watering it.

What interesting stories do you have?  Post a comment and share them with us. They don’t have to be as crazy as the above two stories.   They’re pretty hard to beat.

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