Things Left Behind by Tenants

What should you do with items left behind by your tenants.  In most states (probably all states) there are laws on what to do with the items left behind by tenants.  If you had to evict a renter, you usually have to hold on to their belongings for a certain amount of time.

From time to time when a renter moves out they can leave some really interesting things behind.  Sometimes they leave nice stuff.  I have a great charcoal grill that was left behind by a tenant.  I also have a solid oak kitchen table.  It’s not a cheap table either.  It’s a high quality oak table with a leaf and chairs.  Sometimes the items left behind are a little more interesting.  One of my favorites is a snake, a boa constrictor to be exact.

Besides the usual garbage, what interesting or unusual things have you found left behind by tenants.  Post a comment, we would love to hear about it.  Also, if you know of the specific law for your state on items left behind, let us know.


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