Annoying Roommates

We all have to deal with annoying roommates at one time or another.  Let’s face it, living with other people is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  We all have to learn to get along and just let things go, but sometimes a roommate can be ridiculous.

When I was in college,  I once spent hours cleaning our apartment.  Most of the time our place was rather messy, and I had had enough of it, so I spent the good part of the day cleaning.  By the time I was done I had it awesomely clean.  The moment I finished and sat down, and I mean to the minute, my roommate walked into the kitchen and started frying hamburgers.  He ate and left.  You know how when you fry a hamburger the grease can splatter all over the place.  When he was done there was grease all over the stove top, on the counter top, and on the island. The spatula and frying pan, with burnt grease and hamburger caked on the bottom, left on the stove top.   The bread, ketchup and even the cheese wrappers were left out on the island.  It wasn’t just that he cooked and made a little mess after I had cleaned.  The sh#t was everywhere.  It got to me.

My story pales in comparison to a lot of others.  Post a comment and tell us your annoying roommate stories.


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