Nine Great Reasons to Aggressively Advertise your Rental Properties

Nine Reasons to aggressively advertise your rental properties.  Maybe you can put a sign in the yard and get it rented, or maybe just put it on Craigslist. But is the tenant going to pay rent on time, and treat your property with respect?  As you know, the more you advertise your rental property, the more calls and emails you will receive, expanding the pool of renters for you to choose from.  Which means you get to be more selective when choosing a renter, and this changes everything.  What it means for you is, more MONEY in your pocket!

Here are some great reasons why it pays to aggressively advertise your rental property.  Notice how each one equates to more money in your pocket!  (Not to mention less ache in your head.)

#1- You won’t have to accept pets.

People love their dogs and cats, as they should, but they can be nightmares for landlords.  Quite simply, they damage your property, and cost you money.

#2- No parties to deal with.

Parties cost you money. The neighbors start to despise your property, the cops are called multiple times, your property is damaged, and you risk losing your rental license.

#3- Your renters will pay their rent.

You will get your rent on time, or simply just get your rent. Unpaid rent costs you money by costing you money.

#4- The neighbors stay happy.

This was listed above, under “No parties to deal with”, but I think it should also be listed as its own reason for aggressive advertising.  Keeping the neighbors happy is important.  Having less than quality renters increases the chance the neighbors are upset by about a million.  For example: The dog barking non-stop, the garbage all over the lawn, the loud parties, the shady visitors, the domestic disputes, etc.

#5- No vacancies.

This might be okay, considering you won’t have to deal with the issues listed in the topic above.  Just kidding.  It just costs you money. How much does it cost you to have 1 unit sit empty for 1 month?

#6- Your tenants will take care of your property.

Holes in the walls, kicked-in doors, bent screens, un-reported water leaks, marker on the walls, etc.  It all costs you money.

#7- You can raise rent. (Or not lower it)

$40 per month per unit adds up.  I had a landlord call the other day.  He was having trouble getting 2 of his units rented.  I suggested he could feature his listing, and that it would only cost him $3.50 per week.  He said “No, let’s try dropping the rent by $40, and see how that goes.”  How much is dropping the rent going to cost him?   Two units at $40 per month, that’s almost $1000 for the year.  Plus, the tenants he does get will probably be less than desirable, costing him even more money.

#8- Tenants are easier to deal with.

Let’s face it, tenants are not always the easiest to deal with.  Advertise more, be more selective and choose nicer people.

#9- No murdered corpses to remove.

Just kidding. (kind of)


Add them all up, and how much is it all worth. A tremendous amount!  Aggressively advertising your rental property(s) is an excellent business decision.  Sure you will get more calls and have to show it more, but it will be worth it.   The time and money you invest up front will be worth every single penny, and will pay you back the entire year long.  If there’s any type of business that knows how to sell, it’s car dealerships.  They advertise, and advertise and then advertise some more.  You should too.  It will pay you back all year long!

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