Apartment and Home Cleaning Checklist

Here’s a detailed checklist and some helpful tips for cleaning your home or apartment when it’s time to move out.  Use this list to help you leave your place nice and clean, and ensure you get your deposit back.  If you’re a landlord or manager, consider giving this list to your tenants, or linking to this list from your website.

This list was given to me by the Head of Housekeeping at a local apartment complex.  It’s the list they give to tenants before they move out.  The list below is very detailed and extensive.  Not all of it will apply to your home or apartment.


Plan ahead, get boxes, garbage bags and cleaning supplies. Recruit friends and family. Consider making a cleaning schedule and be sure you give yourself enough time.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are magical on walls, doors, appliances, sinks and tubs! (Hint: They should be used on surfaces after heavy layers of dirt, grease or scum have been removed.)

General Cleaning

  • Brush window tracks w/ stiff brush to loosen dirt
  • Wash inside of windows, tracks, frames, sills and area between window and screen/storm window
  • Brush blinds w/ soft bristled brush, then wipe down w/ a damp cloth
  • Wash all baseboards and remove cobwebs
  • Wipe down all doors and woodwork with a wet cloth
  • Use magic eraser to remove all stains, scuffs and grime from walls
  • Fill in nail and screw holes with spackling
  • Brush furnace vents off with soft brush then spray with degrease and use putty knife to clean thoroughly
  • Wipe all heat registers with a damp cloth
  • Use toothbrush with cleaning product to clean dirt off light switch and outlet covers
  • Remove ceiling light fixtures, wash with warm, soapy water, then wipe with dry cloth
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Sweep and or vacuum utility closet, then wipe off all surfaces with wet rag
  • Sweep and mop all floors (pay attention to all sticky, greasy areas)
  • Carpets and edges of carpet should be vacuumed and free of stains and odors

Kitchen Sinks and Countertops

  • Remove rust and lime deposits
  • Use toothbrush to remove grime where sink and countertop meet and behind faucet and area around drain
  • Do a final wipe down and shine sink and faucets
  • Remove and grease from countertop, especially in stove area


  • Pull out electric stove. (If you’re going to pull out a gas stove, be careful of the gas connection.)
  • Sweep and mop floor underneath
  • Scrub down sides of stove and wall surfaces around stove
  • Wash/degrease exhaust fan
  • Wash/degrease walls surrounding stove
  • Lift stove top up and clean underneath
  • Remove burner/knobs, cast iron burner grates (gas stove) or drip pans (electric stove) and soak in hot, soapy water
  • Clean grates/pans, wipe dry, and put back
  • Clean inside oven wall, doors and oven racks with purchased oven cleaner (follow cleaner directions
  • Wash outside of oven door and all surfaces of oven handle where grease and grime collect
  • Wash and degrease bottom storage drawer (electric stove) or broiler drawer (gas stove)


Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Remove and clean all drawers, shelves, and racks (both sides)
  • Clean freezer
  • If applicable, remove front plate at bottom of fridge and clean
  • Wipe the inside rubber seal around the door
  • Use tooth brush to clean area where the handles or pulls connect to the door
  • Clean exterior of fridge with Magic Eraser or with wet cloth and wipe dry
  • Pull out fridge and sweep and mop floor underneath
  • Sweep off black of fridge with broom
  • Scrub down sides of fridge and all wall surfaces surrounding fridge

Microwave and/or Dishwasher

  • Use toothbrush to clean area where handles or pulls connect to the door
  • Clean inside and outside edge of dishwasher door
  • Remove all fingerprints and grease on both inside and outside

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Clean and degrease outside and inside of all doors, drawers and shelves
  • Cabinets (including ones above stove area0 must look and feel smooth, not sticky
  • Clean baseboard under lower cabinets

Medicine Cabinet, Vanity, Sink and General Bathroom Cleaning

  • Sweep off exhaust fan with broom and take down to clean
  • Scrub sink, faucets, behind faucets and drain area.  Wipe dry and shine faucets
  • Clean inside and out of medicine cabinet, including both side of shelves and doors
  • Sliding doors are removable and should be taken out for proper cleaning
  • Wipe off top of cabinet
  • Remove light cover, wash, dry and put back
  • Wipe off light bulbs when cool to the tough
  • Clean inside and out of cabinet under sink, especially side towards the toilet
  • Use magic eraser to clean all caulk on tub, toilet and sink
  • Wash and dry metal towel bars and toilet paper holders
  • Wash walls around sink area and behind toilet


  • Flip open toilet tabs and use toothbrush to clean in and around tabs, bolts holding toilet to the floor, and other hard to reach areas
  • Use toilet bowl cleaner and brush inside bowl and under rim
  • Wipe hose (supply line) and water shut off behind toilet
  • Spray outside of entire toilet with bathroom cleaner, wipe down with wet cloth then dry

Bathroom Tub and Surround

  • Spray down entire area with multi-purpose cleaner or bathroom cleaner
  • Let sit for 5 minutes then re-spray and let sit again
  • Scrub tub with green scour pad
  • Remove all soap scum and dirt build-up
  • Use toothbrush to remove grime on and around faucets and also where tub and surround come together
  • Scrub shower head with brush
  • After final rinse, wipe inside and out of tub with dry cloth
  • Shine all metal fixtures

Washer and Dryer

  • Wash then dry exterior of both appliances
  • Open doors and clean dirt, fabric softener and lint form all inside surfaces


  • Sweep out garage
  • Wipe off shelving


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